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Vale Betty (Myra) Bowley

Published Fri 21 Jun 2024

Hockey SA is saddened to hear of the passing of Life Member, Betty (Myra) Bowley. 

The Bulldog family has lost one of its founders and great characters, with the passing overnight of the irrepressible Betty (Myra) Bowley. 

Betty, with her husband Bruce Bowley and their friends, started the Burnside Hockey Club in 1949 and then established the Burnside Women’s Hockey Club in 1969, with Betty as the inaugural President. Betty was also President of the Women’s Hockey Association of SA and was made a Life Member of both Burnside Hockey Club (1981) and of Hockey SA (1993).

Although the only member of the Bowley clan’s four generations of Bulldogs not to have played hockey, Betty none-the-less had an enormous impact on the club and successive generations of players, both women and men, as a leader, administrator, team manager and a core part of the soul of the Bulldogs. Her effervescent and mischievous character was infectious and always brought smiles to the faces of all, even from players and coaches of our arch-rival clubs.

As one condolence message received this morning, from someone associated with the club from its earliest days, says “The extraordinary gift from Betty’s and the early women players time at the club is unparalleled. The relationships, life-long camaraderie and memories are beyond anything imaginable. In terms of life and community it is undoubtedly a huge success story. The mateship and love, given and received, as stayed with you all forever and the relationships forged have extended across generations and family members. Who would have thought that picking up a hockey stick on a Saturday would change and permanently impact the lives of all the players and their families. Betty was such a huge part of that.”

Bev, Ian, Pauline, Steve and their children Brett, Lauren, Mick, Cassie and Kelly and grandchildren Aria, Blake, Isabella and Patrick will all miss their Mum, Grandma and GGMa but with smiles and laughs, especially every time we watch or play for the Bulldogs.

Our sincerest condolences and thoughts go out to Betty’s extended family.