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Hockey SA (HSA) is committed to helping your Club / Association recruit new members, retain existing members and provide fulfilling opportunities for all participants to be involved in the sport. The following information outlines how to make the most of your affiliation with Hockey SA through accessing the multitude of benefits on offer to individuals, Clubs and Associations.

Implementing the affiliation responsibilities assists the club / association in achieving some of the ORS STARCLUB program requirements.

By paying the Affiliation Fee, the club / association agree that they have achieved or are actively working towards achieving the responsibilities set out herein.


Benefits to your Club / Association

  • Recognised as a Member and able to vote at Hockey SA AGM (subject to Constitution and Regulations).

  • Affiliation through to Hockey Australia (HA).

  • Entitled (within applicable Rules) to nominate teams to participate in Hockey SA competitions including - 

    1. State Championships
    2. Premier League
    3. Country and Metro senior and junior leagues
    4. Men’s & Women’s Masters
    5. Metro Grass
    6. Summer Leagues
  • Access to the following resources from HSA and HA - 
    1. Rules for the Game (National & International)
    2. Rules for Competition (HSA Metropolitan Competition Rules and State Championship Rules)
    3. Hookin2Hockey
    4. Destination Hockey
    5. Coach / umpire / technical officer accreditation programs
    6. Coaching and umpiring resources
    7. Club development resources – eg: links to policies and tools for constitution and child protection.
  • Access to competitive priced collective insurance coverage - 
    1. Personal accident
    2. General Liability
    3. Products Liability
    4. Professional Indemnity and Club Management Liability
    5. Travel (State Teams)
  • Access to and training in the national membership database.
  • Access to and training in the competition management system.
  • Access to and training in the use of website software.
  • Support provided in respect to the running of competition/s.
  • Assistance in meeting policy and operation expectations, such as the Constitution and child protection.
  • Opportunities for purposeful consultation.
  • Access to support from the Office for Recreation & Sport and Sport SA (including State Sport Dispute Centre).
  • Provision of letter/s of support for grant applications – where in line with the club’s strategic plan and any other guiding documents (eg: Hockey SA Strategic Plan and Statewide Facilities Strategy).
  • Access to Volunteer National Police Check system.
  • Access to a range of policies and procedures – including Member Protection, Hot/extreme weather, police screening, etc.
  • The ability to influence the direction of the sport through member involvement on committees, Board, working groups, etc.
  • Communications and updates about the sport in accordance with the Communication Policy.
  • Access to a range of technical advice and information relating to infrastructure and facilities.

Benefits to Players, Coaches, Umpires & Technical Officials

Consideration for selection in development pathway programs such as: Development Athlete Program, Priority Athlete Program, SASI and the like.

Consideration for selection for State Teams selected by Hockey SA to compete in various national championships: U13, U15, U18, U21, AHL, Country, Masters and Indoor.

  • Access to player, coach and technical official training programs and resource materials.
  • Access to Coach and Umpire Assessors’ and training courses.
  • Access to Coloured Shirt Program for new umpires.
  • Coach, umpire and club professional development workshops and training courses.

As a part of becoming affiliated to Hockey SA, Hockey SA require the Club / Association to have achieved or actively be working towards achieving the minimum requirements set out below.

The club / association actively agrees to the following -

  • Affiliate with Hockey SA who in turn are affiliated with Hockey Australia.
  • Abide by the Hockey SA Constitution and Regulations.
  • Adopt and comply with the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy.
  • Adopt and comply with the Hockey Australia codes of conduct for coaches / managers / team officials, officials, player / athlete, administrator, board member, parent / guardian, spectator – or has its own subordinate codes of conduct that has been endorsed by the Club / Association Management or Committee. Furthermore, the Club / Association agrees to promote these codes of behaviour.
  • Abide by Hockey SA processes to deal with complaints or conflict, as set out in the Hockey SA Constitution, Regulations and Member Protection Policy.
  • Following the affiliated club’s AGM, provide Hockey SA with a list of office bearers of the Club / Association.
  • Ensure that every playing member is covered for Personal Accident Insurance by ensuring all members are registered on the HockeyNet database.
  • Always having insurances in place for player personal accident, public liability, products liability, professional indemnity, and club management liability  – including contributing to national insurance scheme, unless an exemption applies.
  • Putting in place the required policies and procedures regarding Childsafe including -

          a) Adopting Hockey SA’s relevant policies and procedures regarding Childsafe.

          b) Completing its own Risk Management Plan as it relates to Childsafe.

          c) Implementing its own policies and procedures where identified by the Club / Association Risk Management Plan.

  • The Club / Association agrees to adopt the Hockey SA Hot / Extreme Weather Policy – or has its own equivalent Policy that has been endorsed by the Club / Association Management Committee.
  • Recognising a player/s or official/s who has been suspended from another affiliated competition (excluding accumulation of yellow cards) and applying a reciprocal suspension such that a player / official suspended from one competition is not eligible to be involved in another competition within the state.

The Club / Association is actively working towards the following - 

  • Either -

          a) Reviewed and updated its Constitution within the last three (3) years; or

          b) Agrees to review its Constitution in the year ahead based on the model document/s available from the Office for Recreation & Sport website.

  • Applying relevant aspects of the Hockey SA and Hockey Australia Strategic Plans as they apply to the Club / Association.
  • Adopt the Hockey SA policy or develop its own equivalent/subordinate policy within one season of Hockey SA publishing a policy in the following areas - 

          a) Risk Management

          b) Work Health & Safety

          c)  Volunteer / Staff Management

          d)  Equal Opportunity

unless it is required under law or other criteria to have in place prior.