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Exciting New Changes to 2020 Super League

Published Fri 21 Aug 2020

Hockey SA is excited to announce, the 2020 Super League.  In its 3rd year, The High-Performance team originally started the initiative which has continued to evolve to maximise quality playing opportunities for high performing athletes, coaches and officials preparing for National Competitions.

This year there will be some exciting new changes to spice up the competition, including a player draft, regional athletes and rule innovations. As always, the Super League will bring best of the best athletes in South Australia to go head to head in a block buster competition.

Hockey SA Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Skillern said “It’s fantastic to have a competition which provides opportunities for athletes, coaches, umpires and our hockey community to experience high performance hockey in our back yard!”. The competition is also a launching pad for our 2021 Adelaide Fire on and off pitch aspirations. 

Without National Championships or Hockey One in 2020, we have a genuine opportunity to deliver a quality on and off field event for all hockey lovers. Whether you are a spectator or player you do not want to miss out on the action!

2020 Competition

Round matches will be played at Club Venues in the metropolitan area, providing clubs an opportunity to showcase Hockey SA’s talent and generate interest to hockey in the local hockey communities. The Finals event will be at the State Hockey Centre with an under 13 City V Country Challenge as a Curtain Raiser.

*Round Games

Round 1 - Wednesday, November 11th

Round 2 – Wednesday, November 18th

Round 3 – Wednesday, November 25th

(All games are 6.15pm & 8pm)

*Location TBC


Grand Final State HC--Saturday, November 28th

(Games are 2pm and 3.45pm)

5.15pm Presentation.

Super League Selections

As per previous years, athletes will be selected from the Premier League competition. Regional athletes not playing in the 2020 PL Comp will need to apply through an expression of interest.

Eastern Saints: Adelaide HC, Burnside HC, North East HC

Western Pirates: Grange Royals HC, Port Adelaide HC

Southern Storm: Adelaide University HC, Forestville HC, Seacliff HC

Squad selections will be made from Rounds 9-14 + Finals of the Metropolitan Premier League Competition. Selectors will consist of PL Coaches, Adelaide Fire Coaches, SASI Coaches, HSA High Performance Staff & Independent Selectors.

What is new for 2020?

  • November Time slot! This means, warm nights, quality hockey and good times! It also does not impact the PL Season.
  • 2021 Adelaide Fire Squad Selection Event
  • Clubs have opportunity to host round games
  • Draft Trade Pool for 2019 Adelaide Fire Men & Women (Adelaide Fire members who played at least 1 game in 2019 Hockey One Series)
  • Super League Squad Trainings, each team will have designated training times to ensure the high quality of matches and team strategy
  • Draft Pool selection night with Super League Coaches via Live Stream
  • New rule interpretations to replicate Hockey One + more
  • U13 City v Country curtain raiser for Grand Finals

2020 Super League Rule Changes

The 2020 Super League rule changes will follow the 2019 Hockey One series rules. With the aim to best prepare our athletes to perform at national level and prepare for 2021 H1.

Rule changes are:

  • If a field goal is scored, the team will be rewarded with a goal and a conversion opportunity to score in a one v one shootout
  • A Penalty Stroke in field play would result in a one v one
  • If a penalty corner goal is scored no conversion opportunity is awarded
  • A penalty Stroke awarded during a PC would result in no conversion opportunity.
  • No teams can draw! A best of 5 one v one shootout challenge would decide who gets 3 points and who gets 2 points
  • 5 premiership points rewarded for a win
  • 0 premiership points for a loss
  • 14 players maximum on game day


The very best Field umpires and Technical Officials from the South Australian Premier League Competition will be requested to officiate the games. This will also provide an excellent development and preparation opportunity for 2021 Hockey One Series and other National Championship events.


Where would we be without our volunteers!?!? The club hosts round games and will need volunteer organisers to support the clubs deliver a quality event, with aims to create an exciting atmosphere for spectators and players.

Ball kids are also needed! Calling out to all interested U15 and U13 players. This initiative will ensure the players are met with national standards of having continuous play, but also the youth will have front-row seats to our game played at its best in SA.

Regional Based Athletes

We understand the Super League is metropolitan focused, yet we have a number of talented, high performing athletes in our regional centres. To cater for regional athletes, we would like to open an expression of interest for athletes who have desires to play in the Super League. For athletes that have recently competed in the Premier League competition, the U21 or Senior Country National Championships, please contact with an expression of interest.

Please note, players may be selected in a SL training squad, but game day selection will be of each teams coaching staffs discretion.

Participation and Fan engagement opportunities

We are looking to create genuine interest and excitement around these events. The final event on Saturday, November 28th will have the best U13 regional and metropolitan athletes go head to head in a curtain raiser event. The idea is so young kids and families staying to watch the action. The event is also aligned with the final U18 and U15 state trial event which is on the Sunday, November 29th so our regional athletes have an opportunity to watch the games.

Club Hosts

For clubs who are interested in hosting Super League Round matches, we want to hear about what party tricks you have up your sleeve! We encourage clubs to have some fun with the planning and attract as many people to hockey as possible (pending on health restrictions of course!).

It’s time to think about:

-Bar and Canteen Facilities

-BBQ and Fundraising initiatives

-Music and entertainment

- Can you link this to a participation curtain raiser event? i.e. walking hockey, parents v kid’s game, U11 curtain raiser

- Live streaming

- Best on ground awards

-And much more!


If you have some ideas and would like to volunteer to host a round game and/ or squad trainings, please get in touch with Todd Kitto, High Performance and Development Manager via email

Super League Objectives

The senior Hockey One competition and the U21 national championships, is played at an extremely high level. At its current form, the Premier League competition does not prepare South Australian athletes to a satisfactory level to perform at these events, hence the Super League was created. The Super League has been designed to:

  • Increase the number of quality competitive matches in the annual calendar for high performing athletes and coaches
  • Provide technical officials and field umpires with an opportunity to develop in a faster paced match, preparing for National Championships
  • Increase the promotion of hockey to the broader community and current hockey fans by showcasing Hockey SA’s talent

An excellent example of Super League enhancing the High-Performance standards in SA is 2019, both U21 SA Male and Female teams placed in the top 4 at National Championships.

Todd Kitto

High Performance and Development Officer

Hockey South Australia