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Congratulations Bob Claxton

Published Mon 06 Jul 2020

Congratulations Bob Claxton

Every sport relies heavily on individuals like Bob Claxton, passionate to contribute in any way and often on a voluntary basis.

And now, with over 63 years of service, Bob has been recognised as a Life Member of Hockey Australia for his involvement in playing, coaching, administration and mentorship.

His contribution to the sport is linked to many States, including Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.

Bob was fascinated with Hockey from a young age and after moving to South Australia and attending Brighton High, Bob began his involvement with Hockey in the state.

He naturally fell into a coaching role in his school team and “…ended up running the team…”, which translated into coaching at the Brighton Hockey Club, now known as Seacliff Hockey Club.

Bob is also a Life Member of the Burnside Hockey Club for his involvement as a coach, player and administrator.

The personal impact Bob can have on players is the most rewarding aspect of being involved in Hockey as “…coaching a team can help individuals become a better Hockey player, but they can also be helped in vocation and study.”

Most recently, Bob has held the position as the Hon. Secretary General and Treasurer of the Oceania Hockey Federation, supporting Pacific Island nations.

Bob’s involvement with the Pacific Islands has been particularly rewarding as “Vanuatu qualifying and going to the Youth Olympic Games...” is a memory that remains strong in his mind. 

Being inducted into the Hockey Australia Life Member list is a “… pleasant surprise and a lovely gesture…”.

Bob is continuing his involvement in Hockey as he is currently the Australian over 70’s Master’s coach. He remains engaged with the sport by supporting new coaches, administrators and players in a mentorship role.

We congratulate you Bob, for your significant impact on the sport of Hockey.

Interview by Elli Turtor