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2024 Hockey SA Junior Regional Carnival – wrap up

Published Tue 18 Jun 2024

The first official Hockey SA Junior Regional Carnival was held over the June long weekend, in the Barossa Valley. 

A huge thank you to the Barossa Valley Hockey Association for hosting the carnival at Stockwell Recreation Park across the long weekend. 

A special thanks to all the Regional Associations who supported and participated in the carnival – 

  • Barossa Valley Hockey Association
  • Clare & District Hockey Association
  • Port Lincoln Hockey Association
  • Port Pirie & District Hockey Association
  • Whyalla Hockey Association
  • Yorke Peninsula Hockey Association 

We also thank the following Tournament Staff for their tireless work across the carnival weekend – 

  • Laura Kingsmill – Rangers Zone Coordinator / Carnival Tournament Director 
  • Tom Trumper – Carnival Umpire Manager
  • Gail Kirby – President of BVHA leading the organising of the carnival weekend
  • All of the Umpires and Technical Officials who assisted over the carnival weekend
  • Hannah Stroeher and Linda Keech for officiating the finals matches

Thanks to all the players and parents who contributed to creating a positive, fun and eventful weekend, at the first official Hockey SA Junior Regional Carnival. 

Congratulations to the winning teams of the carnival – 

Grand Final vs PPDHA / YPHA: 2-0 win

Back L-R: Charlotte Hobba (WHA), Coach Steve O’Brien (WHA), Abby Williams (WHA), Rebekah Pickering (WHA), Harper Matthews (WHA), Jade Giddings (PLHA), Elke Russell (PLHA), Charley O’Brien (WHA)

Front L-R: Mia Reeves (WHA), Abbie O’Brien (WHA), Janelle Catchpole (WHA), Amelia Vlachoulis (WHA), Charlotte Davidson (PLHA)

Grand Final vs BVHA: 2-0 win

Back L-R: Coach Simon Fuss (PLHA), Declan McCauley (YPHA), Jim Fuss (PLHA), Benji Paull (PLHA), Buya Owen (YPHA), Wihan Wolmorans (PLHA), Manager Bethany Paterson (YPHA)

Front L-R: Henly Boakes (YPHA), Marcus Powell (YPHA), Lachlan Fuss (PLHA), Novak Duka (YPHA), HG Visser (PLHA), Patrick Johnson (YPHA), Hugo Neldner (BVHA)


Grand Final vs BVHA: 3-1 win

Back L-R: Coach James Russell (PLHA), Kayla Higgins (PLHA), Nicola Morgan (PLHA), Alanah Greatrex (PPDHA), Elke Russell (PLHA), Kobe Smith (WHA), Manager Edyta Higgins (PLHA)

Front L-R: Holly Neldner (BVHA), Bella Chapman (YPHA), Alyssa Ganley (PPDHA), Laila Waller (PLHA), Erin Wiseman (PLHA)

Grand Final vs PPDHA / YPHA: 3-2 win

Back L-R: Connor O’Brien (WHA), Matthew Frick (WHA), Will Travers (WHA), Rohan Beaty (WHA), Robert Peel (PLHA), Thomas Hobba (WHA), Robert Kammerman (PLHA), Coach Richard Hobba (WHA)

Front L-R: Nicholas Manisalis (WHA), Benji Paull (PLHA), Dylan Evans (WHA), Oscar Gerrard (WHA)