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All Forms must be submitted by 12pm the Friday preceding the weekend competition.








A club may apply to Hockey SA for a playing permit under these rules to allow a player who is otherwise ineligible to play in a particular competition. Hockey SA will consider each request, and will apply consistent interpretations for the granting or denying of the permit request. Requests for permits will be required to show proper cause in respect to their request and must clearly demonstrate that an unfair advantage will not be gained. Permits will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.

The following examples do not constitute exceptional circumstances:

  • Poor list management by the club
  • Unexpected injury
  • Individual work commitments
  • Player vacations
  • Player retirements

A club must apply to Hockey SA for a playing permit using the process prescribed by Hockey SA for that purpose. Playing permit requests must be received via the above eform no later than Friday 12:00pm for matches scheduled that weekend. Hockey SA will provide a response by Friday 2:30pm, via an update to the Hockey SA website for visibility of the entire competition. Late playing permit applications will not be accepted.

Hockey SA will accept or refuse an application for a playing permit. Hockey SA will consider:

  • Whether an unfair advantage will be gained by granting the playing permit
  • Whether there were any exceptional circumstances that could not reasonably have been managed by the applicable club
  • If warranted, the input of applicable opposition clubs.

Hockey SA may make a playing permit conditional and it will be the responsibility of the applicable club to ensure that these conditions are met for the playing permit to remain valid.

Hockey SA must allocate a number (playing permit number) to each application approved.

Hockey SA will post a list of all successful and unsuccessful permit requests on the Hockey SA website. Clubs are requested to check this list prior to seeking to contact Hockey SA.


Please find below notes on the clearance and transfer process -

  • Hockey Australia has implemented a new nationwide transfer policy in 2023. The link to this guide and the process involved can be found here on the Hockey Australia website (refer to the 'Transfer Guide' link).
  • In accordance with Hockey Metropolitan Competition Rule 7.1.2 playing a player without a completed clearance will result in a $250 fine per match the player took part in (additional rules may apply, refer to the Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition Rules for further clarification).


Dual Club Registration is required for any player registered with a Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition club (their Primary club) who wishes to register with a Second Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition club. E.g. playing for Adelaide in the Metro Competition and Grange in the Masters Competition where Adelaide does not have a team.

Dual Association Registration is required for any member to notify Hockey SA of registration with a Secondary Association. All dual registrations must comply with the rules of the relevant Associations.

All forms of dual registration are valid only for the calendar year in which the application is approved.

GETTING STARTED (Same Process for Clearances and Dual Registrations)

1. Members will start their renewal into a new club via their website

2. Members will then be emailed the validation link to confirm their email and continue with their renewal

3. The system will flag with the member that this club is different to the one they were in last season and they will need to request a clearance

4. When the member requests the clearance, an unapproved clearance will be lodged in the account of all parties who will then need to approve the member joining a new club

5. The member's renewal will be effectively paused whilst approval is given but they can track the clearance’s progress

6. Once all parties approve the clearance, an email is sent to the member so they can finalise their renewal

All Clearances and Dual Registrations will be approved through the system by HSA up until 12 pm the Friday preceding any competition.