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Hockey SA offers several opportunities to be involved in the area of umpiring or technical officiating. Officiating is one of the most important areas of any sport and this is no exception in hockey and South Australia has produced several highly sought-after international umpires and technical officials.

Umpires are an integral part of our game. Without officials, sports would not survive, so it is up to our clubs and associations to build a positive culture of support for officials.

For further information about any of these programs, please contact Jarrad Hoskin via

Hockey Australia's National program for umpire training and accreditation at all levels. The HockeyEd umpire and coach training programs are competency based and are designed to reflect the modern game and the needs of hockey participants.

Umpiring is a hugely rewarding way of taking part in hockey. The umpire’s role is to ensure fair play and ultimately facilitate an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in a hockey match.

Whether you want to get involved with hockey for the first time or you’re an experienced player or coach looking to take the next step in your hockey career there’s an umpiring qualification suited to helping you become the umpire you wish to be.

The umpire training program is designed to deliver programs with quality presenters/assessors, resources and ongoing professional development. These training programs focus on developing practical officiating skills and self-development, and therefore better-trained officials to meet the demands of the game.

Hockey SA will be running opportunities throughout the year for umpires to take the next step in their officiating career.

Further information regarding the above accreditation can be found through the following link on the Hockey Australia Website:

The Hockey Australia HockeyEd Technical Official program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to perform the role of Judge at State and Australian Championships.

All match officials who are entitled to receive payment should read the information below to ascertain the requirements for submitting a claim form.

Umpires and Technical Bench Officials (TBOs), entitled to payment, must submit a Payment Claim Form and indicate if the payment is classified as INCOME or HOBBY on the prescribed form below.

The Payment Claim form must be submitted monthly to the Competitions Coordinator through the Jotform Link below.

Payment Claim Form

The details contained in the claims will be verified against the completed and signed Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition Official Match Card and/or official roster

Claiming service as a HOBBY

Match officials who wish to claim their services as a HOBBY must submit the Statement by a Supplier nat 3346 form (reason for not quoting an ABN).

This form is valid for 5 years. If you have previously completed this form within the last five years you do not need to resubmit.

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